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I wanted to take a minute to update everyone on some things going on behind the scenes. We have talked on the show about how I, Gene, have been looking for a house for a while now and how that has been cutting into production time and so on. Well, I have finally found a house and I am well into the loan process now. I am conditionally approved and I have been getting inspections done and all manner of thing. And yes, the house does have a basement so we will remain true to our name.
I think the house is pretty nice given my circumstances and I can see a pretty decent set up for the podcast and other basement activities. It may still take some time setting up before we are getting into a real production mode again and I am not even in the house yet, but we will have more space to work with and more time. We also have some new recording equipment we want to play with and we are still really looking forward to the rest of the MERCS content that we have planned.
My closing date is currently set for March 22, but the loan process, as well as all the rest of the work associated with buying a house is keeping me plenty busy despite not having to look for a house anymore. Dan and I are still going to try to put out content if we have the opportunity, but I think our track record speaks for itself at this point. However, we do have the hope that with a new “studio” that we will be a little better with putting out content and we will have a more open place to play. Of course I’ll have more adult responsibilities to attend to, but I’ll deal with those as they come and hopefully they don’t limit what we are able to do too much.
As usual, we love comments and feed back so let us know if you want to hear our take on anything in particular. You’re always welcome to add us on Steam or Xbox too if you want to play video games. Our tags are on the contact us page. Until next time, thanks for following along.