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Hello everyone out there still paying attention. It has been entirely too long and for that the entire crew at Trapped in the Basementcast apologizes. The crew will be bringing it back though and they are doing something a little special. Dan and Gene are bringing in their favorite guest hosts to help them do a live stream show on November 19th. The stream proper will begin at 5pm CST. That is -6GMT. For those that are really interested, there will be audio available for a half hour before the stream actually starts for those that want to listen in on whatever drivel pours out of the heads of this most intellectual of gatherings. The boys will be trying to monitor the stream to take questions for those who want to chime in. There will be an audio only recording that will be put up in podcast form for those that won’t be able to tune in and the video will be exported to the Youtube channel as well. The stream will take place on twitch at trappedinthebasementcast. The podcast version will of course be found here and the video will eventually be found at trappedinthebasementcast on Youtube as well. There are links to everything on the Contact Us page. The crew looks forward to seeing you there.