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Unfortunate news to post. Due to some shortcomings in the testing process, a compounding delay problem was present that the team wasn’t aware of that caused an echo that became worse over time. It becomes noticeable about 15 minutes into the stream. All of the tests only lasted about four minutes so this problem never surfaced. Needless to say the stream was trashed and in an effort to get rid of the echo in the stream the audio recording was canceled; thinking that it was impacting the streaming software. The end result is that the team had a lot of fun thinking they were making a show, unfortunate now there is no show.
In the mean time the boys will go back to doing regular audio episodes. The stream was a lot of fun so testing will continue in the effort to try to put shows like this on in the future, hopefully just more successfully. Apologies to anyone who was really looking forward to this show. The whole team was really looking forward to it too. The unfortunate truth is that it was a good show too. The team is chalking it up as a repeat of the start of the show where the first take of the first episode was deleted and had to be redone from scratch so on to round two. Look forward to future endeavours.